comfort car care


Extra premises

We proudly pronounce that the large growth we´ve experienced, has been expressed in an extra premises, making a total of over 1.500 sqm of interior parking space. This means we have enough space to get in over 45 more cars. We are really satisfied with this development and we´d like to welcome you to our parking. ...
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With pride we can announce, we are the official, authorized centre for POLISHANGEL® in Andalucía since the 27th of April. The staff of POLISHANGEL® came over to give a full presentation about the brand, products and all they work with. Also Comfort Car Care got the  official POLISHANGEL® document with the accreditation. We are looking forward to cooperate successfully with POLISHANGEL®....
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Queensday 2013 Marbella

Comfort Car Care changed a grey Alfa Romeo 147 completely into a bright, shiny blue color with a matt black hood, and this in just a couple of days. On a rainy, Dutch Queensday in Marbella, this car was presented by Comfort Car Care. This car has been wrapped with high quality products which makes it a very sportive and notable car....
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